Hacienda del Toro Hotel, Isla Cristobal

Bocas del Toro Hotel on Isla Cristobal

Hacienda del Toro is on the shores of Dolphin Bay next to the indian village of Bocatorito. 8 miles by all weather water taxi from Bocas del Toro, you are invited to come visit this ranch on Isla San Cristobal. Guest cabins are built at jungle canopy level - 70 ft. above the bay. You will enjoy great views and cooling breezes. The hotel are ecologically sustainable, while providing all the comforts you expect .Hacienda del Toro's office and dock are located on main street in Bocas Town, Bocas del Toro, Panama. Their launch leaves daily to the Isla.

Their guest cottages offer all the "city amenities" in an out island setting." Tropical cottages are positioned hillside to take advantage of breezes and magical views. From the beds to the original western art, everthing is the best available.

* Horseback riding in a dazzling tropical setting
* An incredible opportunity to view wildlife: dolphins, tropical birds, and native animals.
* Kayaks to get up close and personal with Panama's splendid eco-system.
* Hydrophones - allow you to hear the dolphin in the water
* Well equipped boats - available for trips to town or to most all tourist destinations
* Private group horseback tours
* Private horsemanship lessons (call for rates)
* Meals available on request

The only professional horseback and trail riding center in the region and the first of its kind in Panama. Hacienda del Toro offers all levels of riding lessons or simply take one of the gentle horses out and discover the beauty of Panama rain forest on horseback.

Sip a tropical drink at the bar, or enjoy a meal overlooking the water at the local restaurant.

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