Hotels in Bocas del Toro Area

Hotels in Bocas del Toro Area

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The majority of hotels are either in Bocas del Toro town, or on Careneros Island, which is just offshore Bocas del Toro Town. There are other hotels on Colon, Bastimentos and Cristobal. Use the yellow buttons on the map above to get more hotel information for each island.

Hotel Price Information will give you a rough guide to the pricing by hotel, Certainly Bocas del Toro area has a complete range of hotels from basic cabins to deluxe resorts.

The town of Bocas del Toro has around half the archipelago's population of 9000 people. Bocas Town has 21 hotels, the rest of the Island Colon 8 hotels, Careneros just offshore Bocas town has 7 hotels, Bastimentos has 8 hotels, and Cristobal 2 hotels.

The majority of accommodation providers are small, offering under a dozen rooms.

Camping - there are a number of camp sites on the islands

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