Punta Caracol Lodge, Isla Colon

Punta Caracol Lodge, Isla Colon

An Acqua-Lodge in a totally virgin and natural environment- enjoy one of nine exclusive cabins set over the clear waters of the Bocas del Toro archipelago. From your private terrace you will be able to observe impressive sunsets interrupted only by dolphins. Recommended in feature stories in Outside Magazine, Travel and Leisure, Brides, Conde Nast Traveler magazines and The New York Times.

Built over the Caribbean Sea, along a mile-long coral reefed coast, Punta Caracol is constructed using the traditional methods of the Archipelago: each crafted cabin is built upon stilts which support a wooden frame over the water and covered by a palm leaf roof. Natural building materials offered by the rich nature of the region were used - different kinds of native woods and plants, clays, leafs, bamboo, wild cane and others.

Cabins have a colonial style bed at the second level master bedroom, and a hot water shower in your private bathroom. The most advanced systems of renewable energy - solar panels provide electricity to the cabins and the bio-digestor debugs waste water avoiding any type of pollution of this pristine environment.

At night, the restaurant's impressive terrace and thatched roof creates the perfect surrounding for a candlelight dinner.

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