Solarte Del Caribe Hotel, Bastimentos

Solarte Del Caribe Hotel, Bastimentos

Once you arrive at Bocas del Toro Airport you will be greeted by Solarte del Caribe Inn Staff and transported by the Hotel's private (shuttle) boat taxi to the Island of Solarte. The shuttle is great fun and approximately a 15-minute boat ride! Their canoe is hand carved by local Indian craftsmen. It is 33 feet long and 5 feet wide and able to carry large groups. The boat is available for charter trips for snorkeling or just exploring the islands.

Solarte del Caribe Inn is an exclusive island resort located in the islands of Bocas del Toro in northwestern Panama. The island sits at 8 1/2 degrees latitude and is approximately nine miles off the Caribbean coast of Panama. The island itself is approximately three miles long and less than a half mile across at its widest point. Isla Solarte rises over one hundred feet out of the ocean and has a variety of hilltops, ridges and slopes that provide views of a half dozen neighboring islands as well as the Panamanian coastline.

As you walk the island the only sounds you hear are are the sounds that come from the over three hundred species of tropical birds that inhabit the forests. The beautiful blue waters surrounding Isla Solarte are almost always calm due to its position next to the much larger island of Bastimentos. Bastimentos cradles Isla Solarte and fully protects it from the open Caribbean. The coral reef surrounding Isla Solarte offer some of the finest snorkeling and scuba diving in the area.

Isla Solarte is home to a small community of local Indian as well as this Inn. They have a school in the village that teaches about 50 children of various ages. The people of the village make there living fishing the waters around the island and supply the Inn with fish and lobster for the guests. The local people also gather fruits and vegetables from the rain forest such as limes, mangos, Guava, mandarins, breadfruit, coconuts and a variety of medicinal herbs. They can teach a visitor a lot about the surrounding jungle and sea.

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