Valle Escondido, Cristobal Island

Map Valle Escondito, Cristobal Island

Valle Escondido is an ngobe indian community on Isla Cristobal. It is smaller than San Cristobal and bigger than Bocatorito. The community is accessed by boat up a creek to the community dock. You can walk from San Cristobal village by following a path to Valle Escondido.

200 people live in the village and it consists of around 30 houses made of wood and roofed with palm leaves.

An aqueduct supplies the water, and there is a primary school operating the multigrade system, with 2 classrooms, 2 teachers and 55 students.

As well as fishing, the villagers grow vegetables (cocoa, yucca, rice, corn), farm chicken, pigs and cattle. They sell their cocoa production to a regional cooperative.

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