Colon Island, Bocas del Toro

Map of Colon Island, Bocas del Toro

Swan Cay Bluff Beach Paunch Beach Carenero Colonia Santena Boca del Drago Bocas del Toro El Istmito Beach Paunch Beach

Inland, Colon island has forests, rivers, creeks. The island's coast offers coral reefs, mangrove forests, rock formations, sandy beaches and many sea birds. There are two places of the island where it is possible to see more of the flora and fauna, Mimitimbi and Big Baight, where it is usual to see sloths, monkeys, wild rabbits, snakes, iguanas and many types of birds.

You can get to Bluff Beach by road, or you can take the slightly longer half hour trip to the old settlement of Bocas del Drago, on a sandy beach with coral suitable for snorkelling. The bird sanctuary Swan Key is only 5 minutes by boat from Bocas del Drago

Bat Cave

Bluff Beach

Bocas del Toro Town

Boca del Drago


Colonia Santena

Paunch Beach

Swan Cay

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