Cayo Agua - Water Cay

Cayo Agua map - Water Cay in Bocas del toro archipelago

The Archipelago of Bocas del Toro has several communities of the ngobe indians. These communities are, in the Bastimentos Island at Quebrada Sal and Bahia Honda; in San Cristobal at San Cristobal, Bocatorito and Valle Escondido; in Solarte at Solarte; in Popa at Popa 1, Popa 2 and Isla Tigre; in Cayo Agua at Cayo Agua.

The population of Cayo Agua is around 600 people. The main economic activities are fishing (lobsters and crabs) plus a small amount of agriculture and cattle.

The village of Cayo Agua consists of wooden houses built over the sea on wooden supports. The community has a primary school, public telephone and electricity generator. Water comes from the wells and rainwater.

A walking trail starts at the community and runs northwest along the coast of the island. This trail gives some remarkable views as it wends its way through the scenery. It is also possible to get a local guide to take you into the well preserved rainforest in the interior. There are fossil deposits of coral and clams in the northwest of the island at Punta Limon Beach, which are part of a 3 million year old vein in the cliff there .

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