Popa 2, Isla Popa

map of Popa 2, Isla Popa

This community more than 200 inhabitants of ngobe indians. They live in houses of wood and roofs of palm leaves.

They came originally from a variety of other places - Bahia Azul, Shark Hole, Cricamola, San Lorenzo, Cayo Agua, Popa 1, Isla Tigre and Santa Catalina

The roads in the community are not paved, although there is a small cement path from the dock and the school.

The main occupation is diving for lobster, the fishing and the subsidence agriculture. They also have a chicken farm for meat and eggs.

A restaurant and a cabin for lodging is run by a local women's organization. Tourists can buy handicrafts and visits the forest and the mangrove with a native guide.

The "Trail of Sandubidi" runs from the community through the rain forest for about 2 kilometers. Along the way you can birdwatch,spot small mammals and find medicinal plants.

The "Demonstrative trail of the mangroves" is a short wooden elevated walkway some 600 feet long, with information about the mangroves and the fauna.

Popa Island Information