Popa 1, Popa Island

map of Popa 1, Popa Island

Popa 1 is the oldest community of the Popa island. Popa1 is inhabited by some 300 ngobe indians who live in 32 houses made in wood with palm leaves roofs. The area round the village is rich in mangroves and if you climb the neighbouring hills, you will be rewarded with magnificent views across the lagoon.

As with other indian villages, the villagers main occupation is fishing plus some subsidence agriculture and cattle rearing. The primary school has 3 classrooms, 3 teachers,and 80 students in the multigrade system.

Popa 1 does not have electricity or telephone. The water comes from a creek in the hills via an aqueduct. The community is a regional centre for Mama Chi, the ngobe indians religion.

There is no medical centre. A new project is underway to supply the community with 15 communal toilets to improve their sanitary conditions.

Popa Island Information