Loma Partida, Popa Island, Bocas del Toro

Map of Loma Partida, Popa Island, Bocas del Toro

Loma Partida is a small cay between Popa Island and the mainland, at the entrance to the Chiriqui Lagoon. The village is set on a hill with a splendid view.

The community is along the coast of the cay and Popa island. It has 300 inhabitants, living in 40 houses, most of then built out over the water on wood or concrete stilts. The houses are made in wood with palm leaves or zinc roof.

They have a primary school, with 2 classrooms, 2 teachers, and 35 students in the multigrade system. The water is supplied by an aqueduct drawing water from a creek. Along the coast are several small grocery stares that sell food and other supplies to the inhabitants.

Most of the people are fishermen, and in addition some grow subsidence vegetables and farm a few cattle. There is a communal ranch.

Area could become important for eco-tourism as it is very beautiful and there are many good examples of coral reefs, mangroves and rain forests.

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