Isla Tigre, Popa Island, Bocas del Toro

Map of Isla Tigre, Popa Island, Bocas del Toro

Isla Tigre is a small barren island just off Popa Island and opposite Water Cay. It takes about 40 minutes from Bocas though normally calm waters to reach Isla Tigre.

Isla Tigre community is however not on that barren island, but on an inlet on Popa Island. The houses are constructed right on the sea. The village is a protected from the sea by a reef that forms an internal lagoon with good examples of manglar and of marine grass.

The community has a primary school but has no telephone, electricity or piped water (it uses rain or well water).

Their inhabitants are fishermen, they catch lobsters and crabs and there is some subsistence agriculture. A local guide can take you to visit the forest and a small lagoon where there are crocodiles. You can snorkel in the neighboring reef. A local store supplies drinks

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