Language Schools in Bocas del Toro

Language Schools in Bocas del Toro

Learn Spanish and enjoy Bocas del Toro at the same time by signing up for a Spanish course here, an excellent place to learn Spanish.

With most of the schools the options available are much the same with 2, 4 or 6 hours per day in a group, mini group or private lesson.

There is an additional choice on accommodation, between lodging with a family,or in a hotel.

All the schools organise off course activities (which may be included or available at an extra cost) such as barbeques, excursions, surfing or sailing.

Below is a list of the schools available in Bocas, the links are directly to their own web sites..

Spanish by the Sea

Spanish Abroad

El Paraiso School

La Escuelita

Study Spanish & Surf


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