Red Frog Beach, Bastimentos Island

Red Frog Beach, Bastimentos Island

Red Frog Beach got it's name thanks to a small, red poison dart frogs that inhabit the beach. These frogs, only about an inch long, are only found on a small hill at southern end of the beach. They make a loud call throughout the day. The toxins in its skin are only a danger to animals who try to eat it. The frog actually comes in a variety of strong colours other than red. It can be difficult to find red frogs at first, but once you see one they suddenly seem to be everywhere. Try looking among the fallen leaves at the end of the trail near the beach.

Red frog

To reach the beach, water taxis will normally drop you off at Magic Bay, on the opposite side of the island (western side). From here you walk along a well defined trail across the island for about 5 minutes to reach the beach.

You can also walk from Bastimentos town. The trail to the beach starts toward the eastern edge of town. It’s a scenic walk over a hill to the beach, with panoramic views from the summit. The walk takes less than half an hour at a moderate pace. Part of the trail leads through private property, and if the owner is around pay him a $1 toll. The trail can get muddy and slippery near the beach. The first beach you’ll come to is Playa Primera (First Beach), also known as Playa Wizard. It’s a wide stretch of sand, big rollers and strong surf. Walk east to get to Playa Segunda (Second Beach) and Red Frog Beach.

Red Frog Beach

The beaches along the north side of Bastimentos are frequently too rough to swim from. For surfers there are beach breaks off First Beach and Red Frog Beach that are appropriate for intermediate surfers.

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