Playa Wizard, Bastimentos

Playa Wizard, Bastimentos map

The first beach you’ll come to along the trail out of Bastimentos town is Playa Primera (First Beach), also known as Playa Wizard. It’s a wide stretch of sand and and usually has big rollers and strong surf here. Swimming is good in certain areas and diving can be done out at dolphin rock. This beach is also good for learning to surf as there are no rocks and the waves aren't high.

Playa Polo is partly protected because waves break on rocks about 100 meters offshore. There’s a little house that sells cold beer, but there are nicer beaches farther west.

Walk east to get to Playa Segunda (Second Beach) and Red Frog Beach.

Silverbacks, the biggest surf break in Bocas, is off this stretch of coast and is only reachable by boat. It’s a huge reef-bottom right break that is often compared to big Hawaiian waves such as Backdoor. Wave faces can exceed seven meters so it's only for expert surfers. There are also beach breaks off Wizard Beach and Red Frog Beach that are not as daunting and can be attempted by intermediate surfers.

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