Salt Creek or Quebrada Sal, Bastimentos

map Salt Creek or Quebrada Sal, Bastimentos

Quebrada Sal on Bastimentos (Salt Creek in English) is a small indian community of some 300 inhabitants. They live in houses made of jira and of wood. You arrive at the community by boat via a mangrove forest. The river narrows to the width of your boat, and the forest canopy spreads above you. From the dock a partially paved path leads a few hundred yards to the small village of thatched roof houses on stilts

They do not have electricity nor drinking water (they use a well and rainwater). There is a primary school and a public telephone .Their main occupation is fishing and lobster catching. Recently several cabins for lodging visitors have been constructed.

The community is on the outskirts of the Marine Park, near forests, wetlands and trails that lead to beaches and reefs. It is possible to walk a forest trail from the Community of Quebrada Sal to Playa Larga. This footpath is used regularly by the ngobe indians. Or take a trail for a 20-minute hike into the rain forest to experience its beauty.

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