National Marine Park on Bastimentos Island

Map of National Marine Park on Bastimentos Island

The Bastimentos Island National Marine Park, situated in the Bocas del Toro archipelago, occupies more than 13,000 hectares of land and sea. Although the beauty of Zapatillas Cays attracts most of the tourists who arrive to the region, the Park has many other attractions.

You can see from the map that the Marine Park consists of the central part of Bastimentos Island, both Zapatillas Cays and the waters surrounding them, plus the mangroves zone at the south of Bastimentos island.

Playa Larga on the north of this island is a long, sandy, beautiful beach. There is where marine turtles come to nest during the months of April to October. Access ito Playa Larga is not easy. The heavy surf makes a sea approach difficult, and thick forest runs right up the very edge of the beach, making hiking there difficult.

The Zapatillas Cays are a big tourist attraction You can snorkel, dive or swim in the clear waters, relax on the sandy beaches or explore the interior forest via the trail provided by the Marine Park.

The mangrove islets on the south of the Park, is a great place to cruise boat, or to snorkel among the mangrove roots.

Bastimentos Marine Park


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