Bahia Honda, Bastimentos

Bahia Honda, Bastimentos map

Bahia Honda is a community located on Bastimentos and looks towards Solarte. The village consists of a communal house, primary school, and a restaurant that offers to the visitors typical ngobe cooking (fishes and chicken, rice with coconut, and tradicional vegetables like yuca, otoe and plantains.

The indian inhabitants are involved in fishing and subsistence agriculture, with tourism now assuming some importance and they sell beautiful handicrafts made by the local women..

A water taxi from Bocas del Toro takes about 15 minutes and drops you at the restaurant where you can arrange for a boat and a guide to visit the "sloth trail". This is a tour that takes you in a local wooden boat (cayuco) to observe sloths and sometimes small crocodiles. You can then hike along an easy trail where the local birds are the attraction.

If you take the tour at night, or at sunrise, you should see whitefaced or spider monkeys. After walk through an old cocoa plantation and typical rain forest you will arrive to the end of the trail where there is an important colony of bats.

Bastimentos Island