Surfing at Bocas del Toro

Surfing at Bocas del Toro

The Bocas del Toro Islands are particularly good for surfing. Swell is produced by strong trade winds and cold fronts coming in from the Caribbean Sea. In addition there is deep ocean trench just offshore and favourable local winds. The combination produces potent short period swells. The biggest and most consistent swells come to Bocas from December through March. You can also expect to find great waves during June and July.

The surf produced is a combination of coral reef breaks and powerful beachbreaks and is recommended for experienced shortboarders. Bocas del Toro's waves generally favour shortboarding and bodyboarding, and the surf tours are geared for the experienced surfer seeking performance waves and tubes. The planes to and from Bocas do not accept longboards or funboards, max. length accepted is 7 feet (plus or minus a few inches), and it is not practical to ship longboards by land (12 hours from Panama city).

Bocas can offer different breaks, anything from long, barelling, reef point breaks, to powerful beach breaks, reefs with steep drops and spitting tubes. The islands of Bocas catch just about every swell direction and surf is rarely under 4 feet and gets to up to 25 foot faces with a good swell. The main surfing spots are

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